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Suspension Analysis Training

Dynamic Suspension Analysis Training Library

Click the button above to log into our exclusive suspension analysis training library.  Videos, Articles and Caluclator's designed to deepen your understanding of dynamic suspension analysis.  Currently available only to our DSS & Real Square customers.

Dynamic Suspension Analysis Seminars

We offer our acclaimed suspension analysis seminars as a private class and as scheduled group seminars.  In these seminars we teach the basics of understanding dyanmic wheel loads, how weight transfer forces work, grip generation, grip balance, grip loss, downforce, bump stop advantages & disadvantages, bump stop timing, sway bar timing, jacking forces, acceleration forces, deceleration forces, bump steer, rear steer, contact patch alignment, ackermann and more.


Private Suspension Analysis Seminar

This seminar is available at our facility using your racecar or at your shop.  This is a full 8 hour seminar.  Lunch provided.  4 people or less is preferred.  A full suspension analysis report of your car is provided.

Private Seminar at Our Facility $1500

Private Seminar at Your Shop $2500 + Travel Expenses


Group Suspension Analysis Seminar

We offer these group seminars at various times throughout the year at our facility and at our customers facilities.  Contact us for more information on hosting a seminar at your location.  6 hour class with 1 hour Q&A.  12-20 people typical.

Group Seminar at Our Facility $475pp

Group Seminar at Your Shop $Call for Details

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