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North East Dirt Modifieds

Of all our racing markets, this is one of the coolest.  800 Horsepower, Big Block, Full Contact Modifieds on Dirt.  Awesome.  Check out our specially built NE Dirt Modifed products:

Suspension Analysis Products

DSS (Pull Down) Systems

DRP Dynamic Scaling Systems are the ultimate short track chassis set-up tool.  Move your race car to any position, under full load, while taking 35+ critical suspension measurements.  Choose from single or variable speed manual pull systems to fully automated computer controlled systems. All DRP DSS Systems are manufactured in our USA facility.

Data Acquisition Systems

DRP Data Acquisition Systems deliver the data top professional teams demand, but are designed for the serious short track team wanting every performance edge they can get.  Easy to use and affordable, DRP data systems give you the information to make your limited test days invaluable.

Data Acquisition Sensors

Shock Travel Sensors

Sway Bar Load Cells

Bump Stop Load Cells

Trailing Arm Load Cells

Panhard Bar Load Cells

Spring Load Cells

Brake Pressure Sensor Kits

Wheel Alignment Systems

DRP's Real Square Wheel Alignment systems bring speed and accuracy to the time consuming task of racecar wheel alignment.  Our laser based systems use a "field calibration" method to ensure accuracy and deliver instant measurements both statically and dynamically.  These systems are available for most team budgets.  All DRP Real Square Systems are manufactured in our USA facility.

Laser Ride Height System

DRP Laser Ride Height Systems make easy work of leveling scales, measuring chassis heights and performaing alignment functions such as driveline and wheel alignment.

Rear End Fixtures

DRP Rear End Fixtures accurately measure and straighten rear end housings.  No more spinning the housing guessing which tube is bent or where it's bent.  These fixtures quickly measure toe and camber to .001".  All DRP Rear End Fixtures are manufactured in our USA facility.

Spindle Fixtures

DRP Spindle Fixtures allow the user to compare, repair and build spindle from scratch.  Completely adjustable for most applications.  All DRP Spindle Fixtures are manufactured in our USA facility.

Chassis Set-Up Tools

Slip Plates

Low Drag Hub Components

Adjustable Bearing Spacers

Covered by US Patent # 6,312,162, DRP adjustable bearing spacers eliminate excessive bearing preload leading to significantly reduced drag, lower bearing temperatures, longer bearing life, reduced maintenance and most importantly, higher performance.  All DRP Bearing Spacers are manufactured in our USA facility.

Low Drag Bearing Kits

We take top quality hub bearings and put them through a specially designed process including REM Super finishing to produce the lowest drag bearings we've tested.  Some bearings are good under low loads.  DRP Low Drag Bearing kits offer low drag, low temperatures and longer life under high thurst loads, such as short track cornering forces.

Ultra Low Drag Hub Seals

DRP ULD hub seals are custom, US made, designed for racing hub seals.  These seals are ultra light weight, with aluminum housings and ultra low drag, with full PTFE elements.

Ultra Low Drag Bearing Grease

DRP ULD hub beearing grease is a specially formulated, high speed bearing grease manufactured by Kluber Lubrication.  We've tested all major bearing greases and have not found any commerically available grease to come close.

Hub Set-Up Tools

Precision Bearing Packer

Hub End Play Gauge

Seal Driver

Suspension Components

Scalloped Suspension Tubes

DRP scalloped suspension tubes are the original light weight, low flex suspension tube.  While you may find many copies of our design, you will not find a higher quality suspension tube on the market.

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