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DRP Low Drag Hub System

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Hub Defenders
(Bearing Spacers)
Premium Low Drag Bearing Kits
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Low Drag Seals
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Ultra Low Drag Bearing Grease
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Hub Defenders
Installation Tools
Bearing Packers
Bearing & Spacer Kits

DRP Low Drag Hub Components Reduce Friction and Lower Temperatures, Making Your Wheels Spin Easier, Delivering More Horsepower To The Track, All While Reducing Maintenance and Making Your Race Car Faster.

Primary Benefits:  Free Up Horsepower - Reduce Maintenance - Corner Faster 

Hub Defenders

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Reduce Friction.  Roll Faster.

Increase Wheel Spin By Over 1200%

Bearings Run Cooler.

Service Hubs Less Often. 

A Difference You Can Feel.  In The Pits and On The Track.

Bearing spacers make the most difference of any low drag hub upgrade.  Bearing spacers, properly installed, will provide an immediate increase in hub free spin, an improvement large enough to feel just by pushing the car around.  


And the benefit doesn’t stop there.  Bearing spacers make the most difference when a side load (cornering force), is applied.  Drivers have commented on how much faster a car with bearing spacers free rolls when entering and through the center of the corner.


Bearing spacers simplify and reduce hub maintenance.  Spindle nut torque is no longer sensitive.  In fact, with spacers installed, you can tighten the spindle nut as much as you want without overtightening the bearings.  (We recommend 20-40 ft lbs.)  Bearings will run cooler and do not need to be repacked as often. 


Bearing spacers are simple to install.  DRP Bearing Spacers have a threaded adjustment, allowing the user to quickly set bearing end play or preload.  A set-screw locks the spacer at the desired adjustment. Once installed, they do not need to be readjusted unless you replace the hub or bearings.   

Bearing spacers are used in virtually every application in professional motorsports.   


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Low Drag Bearing Kits

Reduce Bearing Temperature By Over 100 Degrees Verses Stock Bearings!


Increase Free Spin By Over 250%!  


We start with premium quality bearings.  We take all of our bearings and put them through our custom DRP Super Finishing process. This process removes the grind marks and greatly smooths the surface of the bearing roller, while leaving a “hatch” pattern to retain grease.   


Quality wheel bearings will last the life of most racing applications.  It's worth buying the best.

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Ultra Low Drag Seals Decrease Seal Drag By Over 1000%!

Air Gap Seals Eliminate Drag Completely!

Light Weight Aluminum!

 DRP Ultra Low Drag hub seals are a true, purpose built, high performance seals.  The housing is made from light weight aluminum.  The sealing element is a special PTFE blend, giving it natural low friction qualities.  

Air Gap Seals create an "air curtain" to keep debris out with zero drag.

All DRP Seals are reusable.

Ultra Low Drag Wheel Bearing Grease

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 We’ve tested dozens of popular “bearing” greases and found Kluber high speed bearing grease to be the best.  Most “bearing” greases are general purpose greases, designed to be used in bearings, ball joints, universal joints, etc.  This is fine for automotive applications, where wheel loads and bearing RPM’s are low.  However, in racing applications, wheel loads and RPM’s are high, requiring a completely different formulation of grease.   


It doesn’t stop at using the right grease. The bearings must be packed properly as well.  Over-packing is common.  A properly packed bearing should be filled no more than 50% full of grease.  Over-packing causes additional heat build-up as the bearing works to push out all of the excess grease.  (Have you ever noticed how little grease is left in the bearing after it is run?)     


To properly pack the bearing, fill the cavity between the bearing rollers.  Only fill every other roller.  No grease is needed in the bearing cage overhang above and below the rollers.  No additional grease is needed in the hub.  Only fill every other roller. 


How often do you need to repack the bearings?  It depends on the application, but every 1500 laps (assuming typical ½ mile or under short track) is more than adequate.  In applications where the car is washed, inspect the hubs for moisture.  If moisture is present, debris is most likely present as well and the bearings need to be cleaned and repacked. 


To expedite the bearing packing process, try our Precision Bearing Packer or our Ultra Low Drag Bearing Grease in the syringe applicator.

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Pack Wheel Bearings Properly & Fast.


Our precision bearing packer injects grease in between the bearing rollers, allowing you to quickly and cleanly pack your wheel bearings.  This tool actually makes packing bearings kind of fun.  Uses standard grease cartridges.

Available for all popular bearing combinations.  Custom configurations available.

Hub End Play Gauge

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The Most Accurate Way to Set Bearing Spacers


  Our Hub End Play Gauge measures the end play of your hub once the bearing spacer is set.  The dial indicator has graduations to .0005" (1/2 of One Thousandth), allowing the user to precisely adjust the bearing spacer for accurate end play or pre-load.  Threads onto the spindle pin.  Available for most any hub style.

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