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DRP Pull Down System Benefits

Test Your Set-Up Ideas Without Leaving the Shop.

No Tires to Buy. No Fuel to Burn.


How would you like to be able to test set-up ideas for different tracks, year

round without putting a single lap of wear on your motor?


You can with DRP Dynamic Scaling Systems.  DRP has taken proven pull down

technology and built turn key systems specifically for serious short track teams.



If Your Chassis Doesn't Race at Static Ride

Height, Why Are You Measuring it There?



Shouldn’t you take critical measurements at the attitude the car has on the

track? With DRP DSS Systems you can. Not only can you take measurements

at race attitude, you can take them under full load.



How Do DRP Pull Down Systems Work?

1. Place Your Car on the System, Install Clamp-on Mounts and Hook Up the Cylinders.

2. Use the Joysticks to position the car at one of the Standard Test Positions.

(Dirt Cars will be Accelerated or Decelerated.)

3. Record the Wheel Loads (And Wheel Positions if Available).

4. Input the Loads and Positions into the Virtual Chassis Engineer Software.

5. View Your Results.

Make changes if necessary and repeat.


What Type of Tests Are Performed?

You can do any type of test.  We provide you with procedures for many standard tests that work with our Virtual Chassis Engineer Software.  Some of our standard tests include:

1. Track Height Test

(Gives you the maximum suspension travel before your chassis or body hits the ground.)

2. Corner Entry/Center/Exit Test

(Shows Balance and Wheel Positions at Corner Entry)

3. Sway Bar/Droop Limiter Load Test

4. Dynamic Bite Test

5. Acceleration Load Test

6. Suspension Bind Test

7. Chassis Adjustment Test

What You Don’t Measure, You Can’t Improve!


If you don’t take a measurement, you have no reference to know if you’ve improved or not.

And ignoring it doesn’t make it go away.

Measure Your suspension throughout it’s travel range and know what it’s doing.




Make An Adjustment And See What It Changes.



Do You Know How Many Different Things One Chassis Adjustment Affects?

You’re at the track and part of the chassis is dragging. You raise the ride

height to fix it. Do you know that you just made at least 7 secondary changes?


Make an adjustment, pull the car down and see the change in Camber, Caster,

Bump, Sway Bar Timing, Wheel Loads and More, Instantly. It’s as simple as

walking to the wheel fixture and reading the measurements.



Advanced Suspension Analysis. Simplified.


Our typical customer doesn't have full time engineers to run models and figure out what

changes will have the most impact. They need to try it and see the results, as fast as possible.


DRP DSS systems give you the information you need to make better decisions.

And our Suspension Analysis training gives you the knowledge to take the new

data and run with it.



Do I Need a Data Acquisition System?


No.  Pull Down Data is more practical and actionable than on-track data acquisition.

However, having on-track data allows you to use your pull down fixture at a much deeper level.   



Invest In Technology To Gain Knowledge and

Win More Races.


Racing is expensive. Much of your expensive equipment does nothing to reduce

lap times. (Think about trucks, trailers, lifts, etc.)


DRP DSS Systems make set-ups easier and more accurate while giving you

more information and more knowledge.


In racing, knowledge = speed.



More Than a Pull Down Fixture


DRP DSS Systems are more than just a pull down fixture. They are chassis set-up platforms

that allow you to master the 3 pillars to successful set-ups: 



These systems allow you to do chassis set-ups better, faster and more complete than ever before.



Anyone Concerned with Forward Drive?


Forward grip (or drive) is pretty important. Without it, you would

just be spinning your wheels. And we measure it.


With our Acceleration Kit, you can load your suspension with acceleration and deceleration forces while measuring

wheel loads and positions.



Asphalt or Dirt.  We Do Both.


Asphalt and Dirt race cars are very different.  However, forces work the same, just through different types of linkages.

We use our knowledge of each to make both Dirt and Asphalt cars faster.

Test procedures and our Virtual Chassis Engineer Software are specific to the type of race car.

See What You’ve Been Missing


On the race track, your suspension is dynamic always moving and creating

force.  DRP DSS Systems allow you to position the chassis just like it's on the track

and measure how those forces are being applied to the tires.



It’s All About Grip!


On a circle track or road race car the four most important components are the tires.

Theyre the connection between your chassis and the track. You want all

the grip you can have, but it must be balanced.


DRP DSS Systems allow you to measure the lateral grip generated and grip balance.


Our Suspension Analysis training will teach you what adjustments make the

most impact and how all suspension adjustments are ultimately about Grip!

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