Data Acquisition

1. More Information:  Data Acquisition Systems give you more information to learn more about how your racecar and driver behaves on the track.  More information leads to less guessing and better decisions.  Imagine coming back from a test day with detailed data from every lap run vs. some notes scribbled on a notepad.

2. Better Measurements: What would you rather have: An o-ring telling you the maximum travel of the shock at some point on the track… OR A sensor measuring the exact travel of the shock (along with the other 3) at any point on the track, plus the vehicles speed, RPM, steering position and more?

3. Faster Troubleshooting & Better Tuning: Find the cause of problems faster.  More accurately tune the chassis set-up with precise measurements.  Quickly identify grip loss vs. chassis balance.  

4. Improve Driver Performance Get lap segment times (corner vs. straightaway), driver’s line (via GPS mapping), RPM (gearing) and steering position with all standard systems.  Inexpensively add throttle position and brake pressures for complete driver analysis.

Standard 5 Channel System

Our Standard 5 Channel System is a complete, turn key data acquisition system ready for installation right out of the box.

This system utilizes the AIM EVO-4 data logger with our custom mounts, configuration file, shock potentiometers and steering sensor.


What it Does: 

This system mounts to the chassis, shocks and steering.  It also picks up the engine RPM from the tach signal wire and has a GPS antennae that mounts to the roof.  When the car begins to move, the system starts recording all sensor inputs.  When the car stops, the system stops recording.  Once stopped, simply plug the computer into the data logger and download the data.  The sensor data is then analyzed using the race studio analysis software.  See data graphs such as shock travel, shock velocity, chassis roll, RPM, 

Deluxe 13 Channel System

Our 13 channel deluxe system is ready to handle any of your data logging needs.  This system comes standard with our HD shock sensors and steering sensor.  With 8 open analog channels, you can add most any combination of sensors quickly.  These systems ship pre-configured for front & rear brake pressure sensors, (2) bump stop load sensors & (2) lateral grip sensors.  All you need to do is purchase the sensor and plug it up.

Additional channels may be added as needed.  Lithium Ion battery pack allows the system to run without wiring into car.  Battery pack lasts up to 12 hours of data logging.

System Rentals

Data Aq Rental (7 days);

4 Shock/1 Steering/RPM/G Meter/Track Map (+Shipping) Customer responsible for all damages

$475.00 (additional cost for extra sensors)

Optional Sensors

Shock Sensors (Linear Potentiometers) 5”, 8”, 9” (or Custom)

Torque Arm Sensor (Linear Potentiometer) 3”

Throttle Position Sensor (String Potentiometer)

Steering Sensor Kit (String Potentiometer with Rack Mounts)

Brake Pressure Sensor Kit (1 Sensor, Line & Fittings)

Lateral Accelerometer (Remote) – Measures Lateral G-Loads or Grip.  Typically used in Front & Rear

Wheel Speed Sensor Kit (Includes 1 Front & 1 Rear Sensor) – Measures wheel revolutions.  Used to determine wheel spin.

Bump Stop Load Cell (Amplified) – Goes over shock shaft.  Measures real time bump stop loads.

Spring Load Cell (Coil-Over, Pressure) – Measures Spring Load

Sway Bar Load Cell (Amplified, Linkage Style) – Replaces rod end links.

Sway Bar Load Cell (Amplified, Slapper Style) – Mounts to SB Arm.

Trailing Arm Load Cell (Amplified, 5/8”) – Measures Trailing Arm Load

Trailing Arm/Top Link/Panhard Bar Load Cell (Amplified, ¾”) – Measures Load

Tire Temp Sensor Kit (Infrared) – 8 Sensor Kit with Mounts