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Common Questions a Pull-Down System Answers


1.     How much cross does your car gain (or lose) through travel?

2.     How far do my shocks travel before my chassis hits the ground?

3.     How much load is in my sway bar – in the turn?

4.     How long should my droop limiter be?

5.     What’s the dynamic bite of your car?

6.     Am I Left Front or Right Front dominant?

7.     How much rear steer do I have?

8.     Do I gain or lose bite under throttle?

9.     What can I do to help the car turn getting in the corner?

10. How much do my rear tires unload during decel?

11. Where are my contact patch locations on the track?

12.  How much will different sway bar effect my cross?

13. How much rear steer change does one hole adjustment make?

14. How much ground clearance does 1lb of air pressure make?

15. How much caster jacking do I have?

16. How much caster loss do I have?

17. How do I get more traction under throttle?

18. What’s my ending camber?

19. What’s my wheel base on the track?

20. What’s my ending pinion angle under acceleration?

21. What’s my driveline alignment under acceleration?

22. How much does the panhard bar change rear steer?

23. How does the 5th coil rate change my forward traction?

24. Do I have binds in my suspension?

25. Is my bump steer accurate on the track?

26. What can I do to keep the LF down?

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