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Rear End Fixture

Precision Rear End Fixture Includes: Center Fixture Assembly, (2) Billet End Plates (Wide Five Pattern), (2) Adjustable Tensioning Struts, (1) Digital Caliper & Instructions.  (Measure and Straighten Quick Change or 9" Ford Axle Housings in the Camber and Toe Planes.)
Checks Axle Tubes and Side Bell for Straightness
Straightens Bent Axle Tubes
Sets Toe and Camber in Axle Tubes

Spindle Jig


  • Measures Spindle Height, Drop, Pin Angle, Pin Offset & Steering Arm Location

  • Compares Spindles

  • Checks for Bent Spindles

  • Repair and Build Spindles

Top Teams and Chassis Builders use our Adjustable Spindle Fixture to Check, Repair, and Build New Spindles. Teams utilize this fixture to check purchase spindles and develop new combinations “In House.” Chassis Builders utilize the fixture for custom spindles. Build and check both fabricated and forged spindles.

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